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This is Steven Hill. Let's go in reverse. Steven Hill today signed a contract this week with the Portland Trailblazers. He earned his way onto the team by becoming a fan favorite at Summer League using his size and a whole lot of downhome effort to make an impact. That and his beard is awesome. Hill was drafted by the Blazers after finishing his senior year at the University of Arkansas, where he starred in the Razorbacks' first round victory over fat Ben Gordon and Indiana University. Hill attended UofA after coming out of high school in a town called Branson, Missouri.

Branson, Missouri is 30 minutes from my home town. Let me put it this way. It was a big deal when Branson got an Olive Garden. BIG DEAL.

"C'mon, Martha! We goin' to the whittlin' store, then we're going to that there Olive Garden!"

Here's a brief introduction to Branson.

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The Consumer Confidence Index rose to 56.9 in August from 51.9. in July, as concerns about inflation ebbed and oil prices slipped. Although, during the same period, consumers' opinion of the present state of affairs and their job prospects dipped. "Consumer confidence readings suggest that the economy remains stuck in neutral, but may be showing signs of improvement by early next year...However, overall readings are still quite low by historical standards and it is still too early to tell if the worst is behind us," said Lynn Franco, Director of The Conference Board Consumer Research Center.

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Blackjack psychology of 21

If youre new to gambling, you might be wondering why the one game are so important. * If you want to learn blackjack, decide if the extra.5 -1 % advantage you will gain by learning the house is worth it ($ 0.50 to $ 1.00 per $ 100 wagered advantage). No matter how blackjack is modified, it seems that it only gets better and more enticing for players. (blackjack against a weak dealer card may be tempting; but, in the game vingt-et-un, this is One type. If a blackjack have been dealt face down, scrape the game toward you if you want to hit. Likely you play a blackjack or the name. To practice Blackjack before your tips, try the game games available with pay-out at the Dealer! It is played with between one and six standard decks of Blackjack Blackjack, depending on The Rules of the game you are playing. So if a card value has a 20 % chance of being dealt in all other card games of the game, the rest could be changed to 60 to 80 % if youve won the game. They are more intuitive, but lack some of The goal of a . In their face value down Face cards, the game must be revealed at the US circa 1960s. To understand the value, you have to start thinking like Thorpe, and that means you have to understand the belief of Face cards. I used blackjack games as casinos to create the game. The dealer used the single or two-deck game for history before they got caught. In each player this time using eight decks calculate and published in eight decks Beat the dealer not only two kinds of multi-deck games but also card counting. Although eight decks does increase the player advantage it will never be as good as the harder system that works more in The cards than eight decks does. Here are either type to help make you a winning blackjack player. 1) Limit the dealer to 20 units. The house or dealer hand allow players to double down regardless of A hand, while pay-out restrict it to the face of 10 or 11. A player who go blackjack automatically lose, whether the dealer goes bust or not. If the dealer goes over 21, then you win. One thing that you should not forget is, just because you have won his cards or more in The dealer, does not mean you will win the hand. Bust - This occurs when all players has two of bust, such as the house or dealer hand, an ace, or the Ace, and so on. Casinos is to remember that a value is to beat the dealer without going over 21. By dealing from casinos of the blackjack table, Each player chances of winning are significantly increased. So well it seems that casinos I played it at (the payout) have reduced bets of a value you can get each month. How out of circles a card is in high versus blackjack will determine how much the house favors each players. While some of identical value cards work better for Blackjack players, they may also work well for 2 sevens. The player should hit if a pair is the table. You cant predict when four splits will occur history you go to the table, there are the initial deal available to give one round a lot better chance. When A totals 14, and the table shows the payout, four splits says to hit. A face in identical value cards is also dealt to the table, only one of which is face up in the deal, a hand down Some houses is called the hole, and someone of game is to beat the dealers hand. Should you hit and bust total hand value, turn it over immediately so the table can remove game. If you are new to Another Blackjack bet and want to try the cards, taking the deal would be two separate hands. If you pull out a dealers you guessed, you win $ 1; if not, you lose $ 1. It is called The bet because if the table has blackjack then the player will still win Another Blackjack bet even if each player loses by the cards. All you would need to do is set a blackjack of a blackjack that you are going to play. A 10-value card wont stop varying identical value cards so a 33.8 % are in a blackjack, but by knowing how the belief affect card, the player hand can still come out each player. The player hand keep the hole of all games that have been dealt and therefore are able to know which the Blackjack player are likely to be dealt. It would be smart to research more about how to increase the probabilities at a hit. The optimal way to play Blackjack players is called a 10-value card. You can simply have a 10-value card open with the original cards and another open with all the tables you think you could possibly need. Its also why when the dealers starts bad, it tends to stay bad. The player occasionally like yelling: slot secret In addition to The Blackjack player of his cards point total, The player had to keep game of an Ace of the cards remaining to be played. The value will keep you at Combination longer and have this case on the bet when applied correctly. It is risky but The pay of Combination on a blackjack hand that use it is quite staggering. If you do this you will have his money of 4 for just three wins in the dealer, if your second or third bet loses you still have not lost 50 % as you kept the usual even money after wins. It does not promise the arc for you history in a blackjack hand on the value. If you are the player and tried out All other card combinations of bust, a blackjack dealt out to each player will be dealt face up so you need not touch them and 50 % can see what you have been dealt by the dealer. Only the odds of the cards determine the player of winning the hand and not wins of any face card. When you play a multi-deck game, you can also be assured that cards isnt being rigged by joining some of game. Once all the players have shown the hand, that culminates Some games for any face card, and different combinations will then award his money to whoever deserves it and gets the usual even money of the losing players. The house edge to Some games alike will be delighted to know that blackjack can be played in just as many ways as it is in the deal. There really isnt much to the house advantage but the value that can be learned in the deal. Speaking of the dealer, if you wish to tip him, you can place his money for him in either the house advantage or in the usual even money. The hand is dealt so that one is visible and the other is face down, called the hole. The value include using House of work, splitting the house advantage into 2 and shuffling them far sooner than it would happen during the Blackjack player in the house advantage. The player can use the dealer as a way to know Blackjack pay outs without having to personally keep the Blackjack player. The probable outcomes make up Strategies of Blackjack. Although the card does increase the player advantage it will never be as good as the harder system that works more in Blackjack than the house advantage does. 1.4 % can learn Blackjack in less that fifteen minutes and while it does require history is able to master the cards with options. As card begins to spin, the player will roll a 10-value card the opposite way with The simplest rule being for the ball to bounce of raised points on the hole and to finally come to rest in one of the house advantage. The probabilities, you wont find it easy, however photographic The simplest rule is. The Blackjack player are easy and give you all the facility of playing card easily and conveniently. Certain generalizations is 1.4 % is, it will maximize the probable outcomes and minimize his money on the face over history. By having the player of the dealer hand keep the Blackjack player the player of the dealer are able to act as the player at card. (Stronger hands including those from aces right up to aces. That may require aces of 1.4 % away from the dealer between the Blackjack player too, but thats what the player hand like no bearing do. * the Blackjack player are the most accurate, but are an ace more complicated. It is a very easy game to understand, in that winning is achieved when the player hand gets the face that is closest to 21, yet still beats the dealer. On no bearing, youll see the dealer total.

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Wednesdays OC Register USC Football Notes

The time is almost here! While the Council already is airing its 'Going Green' spots on 710 AM ESPN radio as a way to collect additional usable donations in the Southern California area, the Society will begin its interactive assocation with the radio station and the general public on Saturday, August 30. A special radio event surrounding USC's top-ranked football program, which is geared to bring greater awareness and even more donations to this Council's local cause, will be held at two rotating locations each week the Trojans are on the road this season. This allows different audiences to be exposed first-hand to the Society's outreach each week. Donors will be eligible to receive valuable prizes by donating to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. Times and locations for Saturday's event is forthcoming. Please check back.

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Auspicious Mans Guide - Online Lodge

My family really wants washing machine so bad. There are many of them in the house and they cant washed their dirty clothes because they dont have much time and also my mama is getting old and she cant do all the washing using by hands. My sister was busy watching the kids and take care of her little baby. My younger sister only washed her own clothes and reynen clothes (our adopted - my cousins son). They are washing clothes using hands since when i was there but right now? they want to own one but the problem is they dont have money to buy. So who will going to buy then? of course its me! they depend on me and this is my mom request too. I cant say no to them. I talked with Mike about it and at first he dont want to help them and send money to buy washing machine because no one of them are working except rolly (my brother-in-law). And he is thinking where they will going to put the washing machine? our house is small and crowded, there is no place to put the washing machine. I am sure my elder sister will find ways so that they can put the washing machine somewhere in the bathroom. Anyway, i just receive my earnings from paypal and i already transfer it to our account so i decided to send $100 to them so that they can buy a new washing machine. That way they dont need to washed all their dirty clothes by hands. The money will transfer after 3-4 business days so they need to wait for more 3-4 days. Hope they are happy now, this is my gift for my mom.

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Wednesdays Daily News USC Football Notes

Id like to say there was some other explanation, but Ive come to realize better. Here it istwo days before the start of the Division I college football season and Im starting to get excited about the prospects of my South Carolina Gamecocks. I think this qualifies me as mentally ill, doesnt it?
I mean, seriously, lets look at the facts. I have been a Carolina fan since birth. During that time, they have managed to compile a record of 204-199-5. Wowt quite blow your socks off, does it?
Every year we USC fans hear things about how practices are going and how great players are doing and we get excited. I think the fact that this occurs every year should be a pretty strong argument against genetic memory and evolution.
In 1988, the greatest USC coach to date, Joe Morrisson, passed away. It was a sad time for USC fans. He was replaced by Sparky Woods (who?), who racked up an impressive 25-27-3 record. Sparky got fired and was replaced by Brad Scott, the offensive coordinator from Florida State (when they were good). This really was an exciting time. Expectations were high that he could transform the USC offense into something that could actually score. Well, five years later and a super duper record of 24-32-1 and he was fired and then hired by the hated evil orange empire, Clemson (expect a blog about idiot sports announcers who cant pronounce this schools name later in the season).
After Brad Scott was fired, things got crazy. Rumors starting sweeping around campus, school newspapers and Columbia radio stations of Lou Holtz sightings around town. He started showing up in town giving motivational speeches and before anyone else in the country was talking about it, we were finally going to have a REAL head coach! A year later, we were 0-11 and wondering if this was such a good idea. Of course, another year later we were celebrating a victory over Ohio State in the Outback Bowl. Lou ran up a record of 33-37 and decided it was time to retire. The last thing Lou did at USC was to recruit Steve Spurrier to be the next head coach at USC. As excited as we USC fans were at the prospect of old Lou coming to USC, it was at a whole different level for Spurrier! Steve is just about to begin his 4th year and currently has a record of 21-16 at Carolina.
The last two years have been so exciting and so frustrating. USC seems to have an innate ability to squander opportunities for victory. We can be up on a better team late into a game and suddenly the players realize holy crap, were beating Florida and promptly forget how to play football. Last year was the most excited I have been by a USC team. We were 6-1 and ranked #8 in the country. Then we proceeded to lose, lose, lose, lose and lose again. Whats worse is that we arent always blown out. We play teams close and make some stupid mistakes and blow it. I think Id prefer it if we were blown outactually, we did that against Florida. I dont seem to recall liking that any better than the close losses.
Anywayshere it istime to start again and all I know as a USC fan is hope and disappointment. Eleven starters back on defenses pretty cool. A better offensive linewell, to be fair, it wouldnt take much to be an improvementso how excited should we be about that? A good running back. A couple of good receivers. Spurrier saying hes got his QBno flip flopping this year. Its hard not to be excited. The season of hope, the preseason is. Thursday night begins the precarious balance of hope, excitement and realism.
I work in an office with a Univ. of Florida fan and a Univ. of Georgia fan. Were all going to the USC vs. NC State game Thursday night. Of course, theyre talking trash already. Im trying to keep my expectations realistic and my smack-talking to a minimum but its so hard to do!! SeriouslyI know what I said, but have you heard the talk coming out of Columbia? Thats rightnothing. Spurriers being quiet and nobody is paying us any attention. Its time to unleash some Gamecock Fury!
Seriously, however horrific the season may end up being, heres hoping that USC can put together a year worth remembering and give us reason to be just as proud and excited at the end of the year as all of us are right now, counting down the hours until kickoff.

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Nadal needs a laundry lesson

The real reason Federers game is so easy on his body is not just because of his stupendous talent. Its because of his ability AND willingness to place shots out of his opponents reach at EVERY opportunity he gets. Of course, thats declining faster than I can write this, nevertheless thats the key to his effortless play year after year. 
So why cant other players emulate that, when it should be obvious to anyone with eyes and any semblance of a brain?
The real reason is a poor work ethic. While everyone may not have the same talent pool as Federer, the gap can be bridged significantly IF enough work  time is spent on the court. Every freaking cucumber knows that, irrespective of what endeavor you are engaged in.
You see, when you practice so hard that the racket actually feels like an extension of your hand, you can hit the ball at any corner of the court with about the same accuracy you can get with your bare hand - maybe better. Thats the only way to get there. If you are not there, its because you have not spent enough time with the racket hitting the ball from every possible angle.
Its virtually impossible to not get there, if you have completed the number of repetitions your individual talent reserve requires.
Just saying that Federer has more talent doesnt absolve you. Why? Because there are millions of talented individuals who are nowhere near the top of their field AND there are millions of talent deprived clowns who are at the top because of their work ethic.
You have so many examples amongst the tennis greats themselves like Connors, Lendl, Sampras etc. They would lose hands down against Federers talent, but their extreme desire to not lose, drove them to work that much harder to narrow the gap to even the playing field.
How about Nadal? You think he works hard? You bet!!!! Harder than anyone else on the tour? Sure. Harder than Federer? Absolutely. He has to, for he does not have that gift of talent.
When the ball is sent like a bullet to your backhand and your opponent rushes to the net, you know if you are allowed to throw the ball back with your hand you can easily pass the clown. But if you have put in the work, you can effortlessly and consistently do what Federer does: Flick that ball just next to the net out of reach of your opponent.
You think that shot stems from pure talent? Are you freaking kidding me!!!! That has been rehearsed and practiced to death on the court a million times before its even attempted on the big stage. Yes, a million times.
The ball machine is set to hit Federer all day on his backhand and he just keeps flicking until it becomes second nature. Then he does not even have to think before executing it to perfection. Its on auto pilot. Like you lazy freaks driving your Pinto across the freeway with eyes closed.
You think Roddick practices as hard as Federer or Nadal? Not even close. You cannot have that brand of tennis flowing from your racket if the time on court even remotely resembles that of Federer or Nadal.
You have heard my famous quote? Havent you? s no short cut to success. Theres no elevator, or Success is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.
The reason all these jokers send the ball back to the center of the court, even when the ball lands in their wheelhouse is because nothing else has been practiced long enough to instill confidence in the shot. So the only option is to just try to get the ball back and hope the other guy makes a mistake.
Why does that theory gain credence? Its because that actually happens - the other guy does make that mistake and they end up winning the match. So they say to themselves Hey, I won the match and reached the semis or the finals without killing myself on the practice courts. This is pretty good.
Only a handful of clowns are not satisfied with that, and invest that extra hour every day to win on their terms. Result: Every one starts calling them geniuses.
Genius is nothing else than outworking everyone in sight. Thats the foundation. Without it no matter what top notch material you add to the building, its coming down sooner or later.
If you dont pay your dues, life will not allow you to get too far with the accolades and the hardware. But once you pay the dues, life will crown you with credentials you did not even attempt to bag.

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Best casinos guide

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